My work has always been about healing. Healing physically, mentally, and spiritually.  I am interested in how all these aspects are intertwined.  My work is an expression of my own seeking for wholeness.  After having dealt with major mental and physical health issues in my twenties, my art practice became a gateway for me to process and let go of what was holding me back from a complete picture of health. My artwork reflects this personal journey of self discovery.  It has brought me to become interested in spiritual maps, the unconscious, and how art can be a gateway to something beautifully subtle about the human experience.  

      A large part of my process is driven by my meditation practice, which I began over a decade ago when I was struggling to find my health.  I find these practices fuel the inspiration for the aesthetic and visual representations that appear in my work.  I also create sculptures and site specific installations that evoke meditative experiences through sound, light, and space.  I love to create work that feels objective and at the same time subjective, by employing abstract imagery that is rooted in numeric principles.  I am curious about how I can channel an authentic expression of spirituality that isn’t tied to a specific religion or culture. At the end of the day,  I create the work I want to see myself, it has become a reflection of my inner life.