I realize I’m so attached to the way I think about life.  Materialism has taken hold of my mind and in my heart I know this is such a trap.  We are more than our appearances, we are more than our identity, our labels, our possessions, our histories, our shared experiences.


There is something beneath the surface of all these things, some undercurrent of reality that our world view is divorced from.  I can see the delusion of our shared culture all around me because I can see the same quality of delusion within myself.  I want to know what is beneath this illusory experience.


If we pull back the layers, what will we find? This question is so important to me. I want to discover first hand what it is that holds this whole universe together?


Asking these questions has driven me to explore how life comes to be. Through the study of sacred geometry and esoteric symbolism, coupled with a committed spiritual practice, I am finding my own way of expressing the experience of asking these big questions through my art.


How do we go from a single cell organism to a walking, talking, breathing being? Its a miracle no doubt, but if we sincerely contemplate this, we might find some continuity beneath the illusions of persistent change.  What is that continuity? How do “I” fit into that? This experience of seeking has lead me to discover that we are all just like a rainbow.  Beautiful, present, and yet at the same time a figment within the universal mind.   


There is no beginning or end to the rainbow, just like there is no beginning or end to our most essential nature.  My paintings play with these ideas in subtle ways, they are my own meditations on these questions.  What I am learning through this process is to appreciate the world in a whole new way, to see the beauty in everyone and everything, regardless of their actions, opinions, identity, or politics. I can see firsthand that Everybody is a Rainbow, and its from that knowledge that I try to tread through this world more delicately, with love.  My art is an extension of that love and I pray it might be of value to some of you out there on your journey.