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I make artworks that embody my own contemplative practices and the experiences I have within them.  For me they seem to be about reconciling the tension between spirituality and our hyper-materialist modern world.  My paintings are almost like visual “Koans”  both for myself and the viewer. I make them, but don’t fully understand them. I guess, I am hoping that they invoke a process for myself and others to look within and seek out our own answers to the paradox of modern times.


This is important to me because I realize how attached I can be to the way I think about life.  When I’m really honest with myself, I can see how materialism has taken hold of my mind, and in my heart I know this is such a trap.  I feel deeply that I am more than my appearance, my identity, my possessions, and my personal history.  I sense there is something beneath the illusion of the facades, but what is it? Through the study of sacred geometry and esoteric symbolism, coupled with a committed spiritual practice, I am finding my own way of expressing the experience of asking these big questions.


These experiences has lead me to discover that we are all just like a rainbow.  Beautiful, present, and yet at the same time a figment within the universal mind.  This is why the rainbow spectrum is a repeated symbol in my latest body of work. I use the rainbow as a way to point to the transcendent and the ineffable.


What I am learning through my practice is to appreciate the world in a whole new way, to see the beauty in everyone and everything, regardless of their actions, opinions, identity, or politics. I can see firsthand that Everybody is a Rainbow, and it’s from that knowledge that I try to tread through this world more delicately, with love.  My art is an extension of that love and I pray it might be of value to some of you out there on your journey.

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